Friday, December 16, 2011

the perplexing x

I’m kind of a step mom but as I explained in don’t step in that I’m more like a cruise director.  And on mornings like this I am reminded why I need to join a union.  We have a plan; the kid will be delivered via small fixed-wing air craft at slc international this afternoon.  RING-RING-RING. No wait make that this early evening.  RING-RING-RING. No wait make that….
Oh fun we're playing change the schedule at the last minute & we have somewhere to be.  A gym party.  A big gym party!!!
Often scheduling visitations (from both sides) feels like sitting through the act of a very bad psychic.  "I can tell you have plans, something with snow? Not snow? With lights?  Yes there are lights.  I'm seeing food.  Yes, to food then I am feeling like it must be in the evening..." so how can I mess it up?   
All I can do is sit back and laugh while rewriting the itinerary.  Don't worry nine years later I use pencil, mental floss, & wine.  You're going to think I'm exaggerating but honestly she has to make at least one change per hand off.  It's all pretty humorous. 
What’s so funny?!
She’s not my x. 
That’s right buddy, she’s all yours. 
Remember my x just grunts & nods.  And in the spirit of the holiday I have to say I am really grateful for the generosity of my x over the last 10 years of co-parenting: separate but equal.

It's a 'blender family' thing...

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