Friday, December 16, 2011

deck the halls

I am really surprised that Colby leaves the great little tree hunt to me after the road side tequila event of 2008 when I drank homemade tequila with the tree lot guys out of an old Squirt soda bottle.
In my defense they offered it to me. 
                                                             But at any rate we need a tree.
                                                          No, not that tree you weird-o.
                                                                   One of these...
                                               That's a ground cover not a tree.  Put it back.
                                                               And we have a winner!
                                            I think the tree needs a booster seat too.
 But little tree can't come inside until dad gets home to put it in the stand.  So we called him and told him the tree was too big for us to get in the house without him but we think it will fit under the vaulted ceiling...hehehe.  Until then some  hall decking!

Lots of families have cherished stories about their Christmas stockings.  This well-loved-seen-better-days one of Beach's we got because one day in July I was having a yard sale when Crazy Jim's (our neighbor 2 doors down) Boxer attacked another dog.  I ran down the street grabbed the Boxer by collar & kicked him until he let the little dog go.  But my hand twisted in the collar so then I was stuck to a pissed off snarling dog that I had been kicking.  Sometimes my body acts faster than my brain.  I did however manage to free myself from the dog without losing any body parts.  Later that day Crazy Jim brought me this Christmas Stocking to thank me for kicking the shit out of his dog.  Classic Christmas story don't you think?

Believe it or not we do have a nativity scene.  And yes it is missing baby Jesus but I have a really good explanation for that: When Moses was just a little pup, Moses ate Jesus. 
 I should probably quit 'talking' about Christmas & just show the photos....

Don't forget we need room for that giant tree.

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