Wednesday, December 14, 2011

to the theater

A Couple months back Teri over at Joyful Liberation sent me an e-mail offering a chance for all of us to jump in on a home school field trip to see The Brave Little Tailor, a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm at the Children's Theater. 

So this is one of my dirty little secrets: this tomboy LOVES to dress up to go to the Theater.  I actually have a twisted dreamy vision of Madeline; about girls in little coats & hats quietly filing through an Art Museum something about low tea, and painting in the park.  Did I mention ladies gloves? I love dainty white ladies gloves, parasols, & pearl buttons....look out your Girl is showing!

Well funny thing happened at the Theater.  The home school families filed in most in dress clothes on one side and on the other side a nice little Class of schooled kids.  I know there is this rumor about the strangeness of homeschoolers but honestly these kids, some knew each other some didn't, just seem so comfortable in their skin. 
They talk or read or in Beach's case break out the level 4 gymnastics floor routine without blinking.  While the schooled kids forced to sit on the cold floor in the corner chanted "We want to see the movie!"  

And the show? So cute. Fantastic! Can't say enough nice stuff about this performance.  It reminds me why I spent the money on season passes so many years in a row.  

 I think we need season tickets again....

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