Monday, December 12, 2011

turn right at the fork in the road

A while back I started training again, part to better my physical health & part my mental.  I like to think of this whole side adventure as stumble-tripping.  See, that saying falling isn't what matters it is the getting back up that counts.  Well metaphorically or one soft ground that is true but on a steep rocky mountain side NOT falling at all is pretty damn important- trip all you want but try to stay on your feet. 

So we join this little journey back to great health already interrupted & in progress.  The whole reason I am writing this today is I think I just torn something at or around my elbow but honestly dislocating your elbow would be quite amazing!  I know I have done it before, with it went the muscles and tendons in my forearm & my triceps.  Oddly enough I'm not sure how that happened either. 
As for today all I know is one minute of sheer hell & giant success I was doing full one plank-jacks, walking push-ups, & plyometrics with my buddy Jillian (the only Trainer I know of who says "I want you to feel like you are going to die..." in the middle of a work out DVD).  After a nice shower my coffee arm wasn't working right.  I noticed the lowered range of motion then I noticed oh-yeah this hurts too....have I ever told you that I have instant karma. Me laughing at Colb for being sore from a hike & BAM(!) I am left standing here wondering exactly how do you wrap your funny bone?

What would Jillian do?  She tell me to "get up, get up, there is no resting..."  Nobody panic I can drink left. 

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