Friday, September 30, 2011

yep. those are some bad photos (dirty dash part II)

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The Starting Line

wth is on the lens?!?! better question what isn't on it?!

How deep was the mud? This deep!

That was me about 20 minutes behind BJ
when the switch backs crossed each other

Is it cold?

That smile says it all... Bib #3420 SLC 10k 9/24/11

3420 Misty Brown 9:20:00 10:52:28 1:32:28

what to do about history haters

I have always loved history.  Beach and history, not such a great match. 
The solution is here inside the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum.  Four floors of history on display in long packed glass cases.  Photography is not allowed inside the museum because of the damaging effects on the fabrics on display.  No big loss, you would want to see it for yourself if you haven't before.
Admission is a donation request which the generous woman volunteering at the front table waved us off from telling us to just enjoy ourselves.  And we did!!!

I learned a long time ago Beach may not care for the people and events of the past but she sure finds their STUFF interesting.  I let the objects do the teaching.  Beach points to a dentist tool, a coin, an article of clothing and we make it make sense.  A little story as to why, how, or who, a question or two directed to Beach regarding the materials or methods used in its creation, and a little more contextualization for mom.  Most of all she likes the rocks, the Native American artifacts, & the Restored Horse Draw Steam Pump Fire Engine.
 We left with some more information regarding pioneer life, these 2 chocolate bees, a pioneer doll pattern, and wooden pick up sticks. 

The doll collection was note worthy, you will see it turn up again in a Spooky Story in the works about being locked in the museum over night.

See, history isn't so bad after all....


We had a plan today.  Then the Alex-es showed up.  Alex & Alex met in Orchestra at Skyline High School.  We call them A-squared or Boy Alex and Girl Alex. Girl Alex is ours, Boy Alex is borrowed unless their little romance is one of those old fashion tales of High School sweet hearts living happily ever never know.  
They are both musically gifted.  Alexis in the 4th grade was handed a violin for a 2 week trial.  With not enough to go around at the end of 2 weeks those who still showed real interest were loaned instruments through the school district the others went to chorus.  The music teacher played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Alexis played Twinkle Twinkle little start.  He played Mary Had a Little Lamb and Alexis played it.  Then as the story goes he played a complex piece of music and Alexis copied him playing by ear. Needless to say she got her violin. 
 After messing around with the slightly impaired guitar Alexis moved to the very dusty piano she left behind when she grew up and moved out...
                                                                        ~Sisters ~

                                          Boy Alex making that poor guitar make real music!!!
                              Beach writing her name in the dust. 
                              So is it time to try piano? Looks like it.
                                                            Funny how life moves.
And because I think this photo is so cute here it is again saying,
"Thank you, thank you very much..." Elvis

Thursday, September 29, 2011

her song 9.29.11

I think my life should be held in the best hands
I shall live for my own tune
Oh me and you and the silver moon
I shall be waiting for you right here 
When you arrive let's float down the river
silently in the night
You feel my blue eyes are the rainbow of the river
But without your eyes there are no colors 
I think my life should be held in the best hands

e. beach ries  

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

trick or treat time huh?

Isn't it though?  That time of year when you have to trick people into taking your abundance of garden produce...So I am home alone kicking back and get a knock at the door it is a 17 yr old kid from down the block, "My dad has somethings to drop off to you guys."
"Okay." ~Shrug 
"Do you have a laundry basket or something I can carry it in it is sort of a lot."
"Sure." ~Shrug
Are you kidding me????

I need to learn to ask more questions up front. Wasn't it just the other day I answered the door to a woman requesting directions to Spanish speaking neighbors so I showed her 4 houses.  THEN she tells me she is out encouraging bible reading.  Had I known that I might have omitted the 2 drug dealers houses from notice.

Anyway....I've been tricked! Maybe it is like being Boo-ed. I should draw a giant picture of a zucchini or a cucumber and hang it on my door.
Now who can I pawn this off on....? 

other fish to see

Okay with the creation of the Low Tea Book Club, the wonderful addition of what I'm calling The Protection of Childhood Swap Day 1 x a week (I will try to explain that later), the renovation of the 2x a week Home School swap w/ Joyful Liberation, Gymnastics 3-4x a week, patch time, contacts, school work, & Alta calling we have decided to let swim team go.

I knew when we signed up & I paid for 3 months that it would take us right to the door step of ski season.  I figured we would probably take a break to ski for the winter, no big surprise that is what we are going to do but there are more and other reasons too. 

I haven't loved having an activity every night and as it turns out neither did Beach.  Actually when I re-read that line, to be honest, at first I did.  It was nice to have something but we have added other somethings since. Other somethings (previously listed) I don't want us to do without, other somethings that occur during the day while her Dad is gone to work.
I miss seeing him come home to us.
I miss seeing her follow him around telling him about her day.
I miss watching them in the garden or the field together. 
I miss chewing my food- really some nights dinner is so late we are all gulping it down to avoid passing out!!!! (okay maybe again that is just me)
So good bye Swim Team. 
We will enjoy every second through the end of the October. From what I know of her coach she will probably let us get the workouts from the Life Guards letting Beach swim them during the day- I know it's not the same as TEAM but too much of a good thing is still too much. 

~warning: will jump without looking

So I sent Willow back to her lovely family with this little bug and asked her to ID it for us :) I am a good home schooling mom.  I even assign homework!

Face Book Message from Joyful Liberation:

"Oh, that bug is an assasin bug...Becca got bit on the lip by one in Joshua Tree last spring...she had to have a series of bloodwork done cause it can cause chaga's disease...they are also knows as kissing bugs...I do not want that!!! Willow just took it to the duck pond and let it go... LOL"
Can't wait to see what I get them for Christmas, right?

on a roll

I have gone a little game crazy.  Don't worry I'm not blowing the family grocery money on educational games- all of these are Thrift Store finds! 

I also managed to find my Best Friend who I haven't seen in weeks. Funny great minds think alike in fact now that I think about it she and I have run into each other at this particular Thrift Store

Maybe this one isn't quite a game but brand new never opened in the box...
                                                 Are you kidding me?!?! Idioms!!!
                             These Mission games and the Rags to Riches all NEVER opened!!!!
                            This one is just for fun, could not pass it by.  A game about an Ant Farm!
The one that started this game collecting...

And those already in the house. In that pile somewhere is the 70's game Jr. Executives a game about $ & business!  
With all these great games the big question is which one do you take to Alta. 

For those of you not locals Alta is a ski resort (Sorry, I mean ski not snowboards!).  They have a fantastic program were they open a couple of lifts from 3 to 4:30 (closing time) for free.  The program is called Free After Three.  Not only is it a great opportunity for frugal families (if you haven't caught on we live incredibly close to the ground) to ski it is both a riot and a ritual. 
The catch is on the weekends you can get stuck in the canyon crawl: one road in, one road out, 2 massive Utah Ski resorts! and one small town. 
Pack your dinner and a some games then hunker down in the lodge and wait for the canyon to clear....Oh am I jumping gun?!?!
I love autumn.  There is so much to do.... Pray for snow!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I have been pondering...a theme bouncing around in my head about authenticity- related to Blogging actually. 

Why am I blogging? I had a very clear reason for that when I started. I love to write on my own terms, I wanted to promote a lifestyle I truly believe in, and as a closet scrapbook-er (Hello!) to scrapbook the cool way!

I didn't anticipate how much Blogging helps pull me along my own path, that it would help unite me with like minds, explore differences, & expand all the edges of my tiny world. I find ideas that are beautiful I would not have found in my own head.  I found old ideas I have used reborn.  The collaboration is amazing the possibilities endless.  I like blogging & I like reading Blogs....something I had never done before I started blogging myself.   

But as I see other styles of life and living I'm not tempted to slip inside them for anything longer than reading a post or seeing a great craft idea move from the blogosphere to my art table.  I am always me.  I can be a better me but only as long as I'm not trying to be a Not Me.

The other important point is I am not here to sale you something. Don't worry I am not weighing in on a debate about advertise or not I have nothing against it or for it, even considered it but it is not for me, each their own.  All I am saying is this is real stuff, a real life, with real chickens running through it, and behind it all is just me being honest with what is in my mind & my heart. 

I might say things or view things left of your center and you of mine but isn't that what it is all about? 

We live this life some of it is flattering & some of it is not & some of it is not for public consumption.  If something isn't for sharing it isn't for sharing. 

Authenticity is sort like 'if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all'.  If you can't be authentic... please, don't be.  I know I have the ability to whitewash anything for any reason or for none at all and the day I choose to do that will the last day I Blog.


PS If you like my blog, you read it, and you aren't already a follower please join. I would love to know you are here with us.

Monday, September 26, 2011

bag of tricks

For my next trick I will pull a rabbit out of a wait something more complicated than magic I will pull off Date Night!

Don't worried this isn't about romance it is a competition.  The rules: free or very cheap, easy, & short (under 3 hours).  Extra points given for originality!

It is harder than it seems.  What hasn't gone wrong already: Well for starters the In-Laws didn't go to the GYM to pick up Beach on a night she doesn't have GYM because her mom went crazy and thought she had GYM and told them to pick her up there. Luckily her mom figured it out and called them back and said never mind the 15 minute explanation of where and how to get her from GYM. I will bring her to you.  For seconds, thank Darwin, the event picked from the No More Bored Kids Calendar isn't actually for kids. Dodged a potential embarrassing moment on the floor of the sandy library fighting for graham crackers and the blue teddy bear.

What will go wrong? We are for sure going to be late...

 But Steve Law is a genius,  Journalist turned River Guide we may quit our day jobs to follow him around! He is doing a full show in Midway in about 2 weeks it would be worth getting a sitter and going.  Colby was laughing so hard he was crying!

I set the cheap date night bar high. Good luck topping this.

Technically this was the second Date Night, the first was the Primary Poll watching party for Kyle! I am on a roll!!! I am up 2 to nothing. 

And of course the post game show: Mankala at Grandma & Grandpa's with dad. Thanks for watching her.
                                              Get used to losing buddy I got this in the bag!!!