Sunday, July 31, 2011

down by the river

we took a walk down by the river in the falling rain
we stepped on stones with the weight of water taking us away 
shoes on the bank
shirts on the shore
and we left no foot steps behind
there is a reason water holds the paths of gods & demons
of monsters & mermaids
and there is a reason it rains


sometimes it is hard to say good-bye
even when it is for the best.

off the record

I declared a home school holiday. 
We pushed the books aside & went...well wild.
With movies, friends, parks, fun food, & whole lot more. A couple days of just 'Yes'.

Book making

Flying things

Daddy-daughter-date night at GSL

trying fruit-leather for the first time

trying a little tweenness on for size too with the ipod

GTC Open Gym Day

look at that cast!

(working on the level 4 beam dismount handstand with a twist Coach B standing by for support)
“Mom, can we do school tomorrow?”
“Sure.  What did you have in mind?”
Reading, and history, and math, and science, and writing, then we could do spelling…”


I love my job.