Monday, December 12, 2011

they all fall down

This is both a public service announcement & a public taunting!  Where to begin?  Well if you read my blog leaving the station you might have read between the lines to see the little 'he hiked me into the ground & didn't give a rats ass in fact I believe he was proud of it' undertone.
Oh-oh, ho, ho, ho, the girl gets the last laugh.  Colb is so sore he can hardly move without groaning.  He is so sore we had to go to the hot springs.  He is so sore he is taking IB.  How's that Greek God body working out for you? 
Oh the public service announcement part?  The hillside above the Ogden Hot Springs is under going seasonal sloughing.  It has always been an unstable area but when the weather/temps or the saturation change the mountain moves.   


 So if you go don't park under the overhangs you might lose a windshield, watch your step on the trail there is a lot of loose ground, beware of the frequent slides, and the third pool over has shifted so much due to poor engineering & erosion it isn't holding water.
 Final warning: don't hike with me unless you can handle it.  I'm the kind of girl who will never let you live it down. All in good fun of course, riding the landslide as far as I can. 

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