Sunday, December 18, 2011

migrating madness

The great weekly migration towards hot water began with fresh baked banana bread & a full car.

Colby is feeling a bit under the weather which is very odd for him. 
Stranger still I usually preview all viruses that pass within a mile of the farm but I don't have this....yet. 
 We found this charming family in the hot water.  Actually we found them doing 68 mph on interstate but lost them pretty quickly Little Red doesn't drive 75 Joyful Liberation!
To mix things up we brought the boys, big & little.
                              For no reason at all my water bottle has a googly eye on it. Weird.
In the misty water the strange got stranger.
                                                           (Yeah, she really ate them.)
And stranger.
                                                                   I'd blame the Lithium.

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