Friday, December 16, 2011

joy at the gym

The gift exchange
Some of the usually suspects like Fire Dad & his lovely lady
The Gym Moms & Colby
What do you mean you can't tell that is Colby?
                                                                How about now?
 When you have a room full of gymnasts the hardest thing to train them to do is sit...
Then the flinging started
  Of course the parents are super well behaved they would never fling themselves off of things.  I'm sure Fire Dad has a very good reason for jumping.
Yeah see, I'm right that is his emergency face

         The girls got a huge kick out of this Colby, Fire Dad, & Fire Dad's lovely lady on the bars
Ninjas, you be nice to the old people
Then there is the pit of death

And the holiday trolls
Merry Christmas GTC see you bright & early tomorrow.

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