Thursday, December 15, 2011

a matter of seconds

A matter of seconds. 
I’m in the left hand turn lane on 1300 East & the light turns yellow.  I need to clear the intersection.  A little stutter, Should I go or should I wait and see?
I should go.  I'm looking at the oncoming white mid size truck I am judging his stopping time & how far away he is.  He is too far to make the light.  He has to stop so I go….

This isn’t about the fact that he hit little red, clipped her right rear bumper.  It isn’t about the sound cars make when they collide.  Or the things that go through your mind in that moment.  It isn’t even about the fact that he hit my car while he was running the red light & fled the scene.

It is about the compassion of the woman in the car behind me who watched the whole thing.  Who pulled over on a foggy cold night when she didn’t have to, to make sure a stranger was okay.

Before I left the house Colby told me to drive safe.  He also offered to use The Boy’s car which is parked out front while he is away.  I hate driving other people's cars so I jokingly responded, “No, I don’t want to wreck his car.”
For the record I don’t want to wreck any car, mine or his. 
For the record had I not realized the white truck instead of slowing down speed up (verified by the kind stranger), & had I not gunned little red for everything she had making an incredibly tight traffic packed corner up 2700 South I might not be telling you about the kindness of woman driving home behind me.
There is something about First Responders especially those who aren’t trained.

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