Monday, June 20, 2011

don't step in that

My grandmother used to tell this story about a very stupid little boy who was told by his mother she had placed pies on the back porch to cool.  ‘And you be careful how you step in those pies,' she warned him.  So the little boy scratching his head did as his mother said and carefully stepped in each one of his mother's freshly baked pies. 

Welcome to step parenting! Watch your step please...

After lots of trial & error I think I found a path across the deck without stepping in it too badly.  My step son is now eleven going on twelve.  He lives most of the school year in Idaho with his mother, step father, and three younger siblings. 
I am not his step-mother.  I’m not his mom.  And I’m not his buddy who drives.

I’m his Cruise Director. 

I make sure while he is onboard that he knows the rules set by the Captain, that he’s feed & clothed, entertained & housed, & that he learns something from the foreign cultures he visits. 

I also keep him from falling overboard in rough seas.

I like this job, most of the time. 
The parts I like: I like having an extra sailor around when the Captain calls ‘all hands on deck!’  I like having some one standing beside me who can laugh at the strange habits of the other passengers, mostly those of the Captain.  The biggest perk of my job is seeing him in his rightful spot beside the Captain learning how to navigate life.
The parts I don’t like: I don’t like having to be an interrupter. I don’t like inconsistent customs regulations & portage schedules, and the lateness of the nightlife.  

And I don’t dig the international spy rings, smugglers, & pirates that periodically board.

But we haven’t sunk the ship yet.
If we have trouble we consult higher ranks.
If we take on water we have lifeboats and life jackets for everyone.
If we run aground? I’m not at the helm don’t look at me. 
My job is to safely move the passengers down the Gangplank hopefully to higher ground.

 “Watch your step. And please come again.”

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