Tuesday, December 13, 2011

secret santa the r & b way

One year Colb & I decided to cut Red 40 out of Conner's diet & exactly three hours later we were seated at Room #4's Recorder Concert with a front room to the buffet of Red 40 punch & cookies.

Enter Secret Santa, better for the body than Red 40 but none the less a new fun challenge to our choice to live Simple.  A ten dollar gift here is wonderful, one over there & there & there is taxing. Don't get me wrong we are giving gifts to a few, cards to others, & baked goods all around.  This isn't about being a Grinch it is about finding a safer way for us to show love & appreciation to our loved ones & friends than spending our grocery money. (too honest?)

It is about it not being about the gifts.
The girls on Beach's gym team drew names and got a paper of the girl's likes & wishes.  Beach got a very sweet, very hard working little gymnast who is always smiling even when things aren't working out for her, & I have to say usually things aren't working out for her.
Gymnastics is not all fun and games, not everybody wins medals.  I think those girls who just keep fighting & fighting for every skill are amazing.  We hope our little Smiling Fighter likes this all handmade M.O.B Troll Doll & as I posted on FB I am challenging the myth I can't gift wrap.
                            ~Because in the end it is about joy not about what money can buy~

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