Tuesday, December 13, 2011

note to self: call dad to wish him happy birthday

Today is my Dad's birthday.  These photos are from a trip to San Francisco we took with him two summers ago.  WE are no small group: it was Beach & me, my sister, her husband & their basketball team of kids, & our niece and nephew (the 2 kids of our deceased middle sister).  This is a tribute to the wonderfully wacky family he is responsible for.
And sort of like Where's Waldo I only have one pic of him in these crazy shots of fun! 
See if you can spot him.    
I really had a dozens or so of trips to pick from my dad does this he loads up the whole damn family every other year or so and goes. He and my mother travel a lot alone or with other grown-ups too.
I suspect the wander-lust is driven from a story that comes out of his childhood.  I'm sure I am screwing up some factual detail but as I recall there was one family vacation, no pee stops, 6 kids crammed in the backseat of something like a Studebaker.
My dad is the Trip Master.

This is no small group of kids we got going on...
Not one of them is a wallflower either!
(And this isn't even everybody)
Of course we have to have this beautiful shot of the view outside the lovely hotel we stayed in.  My dad is a lot of things strong, brave, the best story teller around, but he is famous for his poor (cheap) taste in hotels! Happy Birthday Dad!

This last pic is a late entry but I thought it fitting to include something to display the impact of strong roots on a family tree.  With a special shout out to those of our family who we aren't actually related like my brother & sister-in-law who joined the family even before my sister passed away.  It is a credit to my dad who opens his home and heart to each of us unconditionally- well you'd have to with this group. 

My Dad & his Oldest Brother's families together on the annual trip to Lava Hot Springs 2010

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  1. I love this post, we are crazy but we are still a family and for better or worse we have eachother, which is more than a lot of families can say. I love you Misty, you are my bet sista! xoxo your big sista