Friday, December 2, 2011

smiles in the dark

Yesterday, oh how funny that was, how strange the wind did blow. 

It started normal minus the fact we are out of coffee...but things really began to shift as the winds grew. 

Being a gymnastics day meant a late dinner.  I loaded the slow cooker with turkey broth, potatoes, and gingered carrots.  Dinner handled, work out done, the house clean, and the girls playing in the wind I decided to take a little time to read. 

But sometime between loading more wood into the wood stove and checking on the girls who had moved into the shelter of the green house I noticed it- the little red light on the slow cooker was off.  The power had gone out and I had not even known.

By late Afternoon still nothing on the restoring power front.  I decided to stay the three hours at the gym, having nothing better to do and nowhere to go.
Well after dark we pulled off the freeway into to total black out of our neighborhood.  Our house dancing with candle light. 
We pulled a corded phone out of the emergency supplies and called the grandparents.
Between the giggles Beach tried her best to explain the funny phone.  Then I called a friend up the street to make sure they were staying warm, she said she was just thinking to call and check on us.
With nothing left to do and 10PM falling I was laying in bed when a call sent me back out on a late night rescue of C-Boy patiently waiting for his mother on a down town street corner in the wind.  Damn I love that kid!  He is so sweet & so gentle.  Truly becoming a wonderful man wading through some surmountable obstacles with a new found grace & power.       

After dropping him at his dad's, reentering the freeway a gust of canyon wind hit Little Red so hard it knocked us back a gear! So I drove alone at night in the wind and the dark smiling about Beach and the funny phone: childhood intact.  And my son a crooked smile, easy laugh as the told his tale of an evening date gone wrong ending with him sitting in a theater watching alone, of all things, the end of a Twilight movie: childhood in the rear view mirror.       

                                I came home again into the dark windy abyss- so strange. 
                                      The power came on sometime in the early hours of today.
              Today doesn't look a thing like yesterday.  It's not a hat day.  It looks blue & flat like ice...    

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