Monday, December 19, 2011

*a post that could probably use some tape to hold it together

You know those stories about old ladies wrapping up their cats for Christmas gifts?
Yeah, pretty close to that over here but hopefully this once-was-mine-and-now-is-yours-gift will go over a little better than a wrapped cat.
If you can’t tell by the pic it is a collection of my books from studying human medicine.  With these books I am giving part of me to someone else, part of my dreams, part of my life, & all of my support. 
With this gift I believe.
I probably should admit how sad Christmas makes me.  Right now I am struggling with the idea of letting people down.  Of coming empty handed so to speak.  But as I try to wallow in self doubt about staying true to Simple it is child who shows me the way back home.
~A child~

A child happily bringing made gifts for her older siblings.
I can hear her sister squeal with delight & I see her brother smile at her, tell her he loves her and squeeze her until she can’t breathe.
It is when I think of my kids that I know what I am doing is right for us. 
I know why I struggle against the current to give them a life money can’t buy.  I have raised honest, sweet, & thoughtful people in a world of greed & tax evasion.  Merry Christmas!      

[And speaking of tax evasion & Christmas: I want to point out what Mary & Joseph were doing when that very special baby was born, they were paying their taxes.  Because whether or not they like the politics of their crazy king or anything else it was the right thing to do.]

My real point is if you get a wrapped cat for Christmas you should be thankful because someone put a lot of thought into it.  Well, at least into how to wrap it.  And if you are one my kids be glad it isn't a chicken.
“I can’t decide which I like best Christmas Eve or Christmas morning,” Beach said.  As she thought it over I worried, Christmas Eve for us is with my family & it is pretty thick with gifts verse Christmas morning which has little gifts & lots of coffee & chickens.  “I know,” she said,” I like Christmas Eve best because of all the…” (damn) ”…cousins!” (oh-yeah).

Who wants to go to the museum?   

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  1. Please don't give me a wrapped cat... on a more serious note, your gift to me is being my sister (you're the only one I have), coming to all the crazy family events so I'm not alone, and letting the "cousins" enjoy and love eachother. I give gifts to my nieces and nephews because I love them and I want to. Having a family is a gift that many people do not have so I consider you a gift, xoxo your bet big sista