Monday, December 12, 2011

moon monday

We have hit a strange new land.  Today in the home school swap with our besties from Joyful Liberation we had some earthly politics to handle before we could take off to the moon. 
Fair & Not Fair had invaded our day.  The Little Scientists couldn't sort it out.  Our lesson was threatening to be a failure to launch sort of project.  The little squabbles which happen now and again were not resolving themselves as they usually did.  Step in the Mom holding the last straw which was the pot of pasta in question.  "We can't divide it evenly. We have tried twice and it still isn't fair..."
Oh really?  Not Fair?  Let's settle this.  "Fair is extinct.  The living ancestors of Fair is the basic common Want and the more evolved Need."  I dished out about a 1/4 of the pasta to each kids bowl leaving half in the pot.  "You both need lunch.  You may want it to be equal but one of you may need more.  If you eat what you have and you need more please go get it.  And when you are done with lunch ladies we can go to the moon."

Peace on Earth was restored, well until they ate it.
Some days homeschooling is more complicated than astrophysics. 
Some days you just have to mix it up & make moon milk shakes!

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