Friday, December 9, 2011

and we're back there again

The moms are at it again Daycationing on a Hot Water Friday back to Crystal Hot Springs.

I wasn't going to bother with more shots of the hot springs but as it happens while the moms were being moms enjoying 108 degrees, the teenager with us being a teenager enjoying 100 degrees, and the 2 little ones enjoying cannonballs into the cold pool a comment was over heard....
 A mom said to her daughter same size and look of ours, "I'm glad you don't behave like that."
"Like that" was honest truth 2 little girls jumping into a pool in the December sun- nothing more nothing less. 
I have been the mom of kids doing things that made me wish I wasn' t mom of kids doing THAT, I'd tell you if THAT was going on.  So not the case here.
 And as we talked about how ridiculous it was for a mother to be troubled by nothing, offended by childhood her little girl got up walked over to our girls looked behind her to make sure her mom wasn't watching and jumped in just like they did. 
It was the saddest thing to see this little girl trapped by some strange adult expectations.

I don't know what the issue was, her younger brother was playing & splashing that seemed okay to the mom.
I can't even venture a guess.  All I know is childhood is precious.
I wish they would behave like that forever.

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