Friday, December 16, 2011

damn good

So this is a pretty good story. 

  One year a group of us pulled a rafting permit for the Smith River in June (brrr).  Somewhere & somehow between taking a then Baby Beach on a bike ride in the bike trailer & loading the van I partially dislocated my shoulder & tore my triceps. 

A normal person would have noticed this I however don't seen to be normal so it wasn't until about 8 hours later at the take out that I realized I couldn't move my arm and oh-yeah it hurts- a lot!!!

I could try to figure out Conner's age I'd say about 13 but let's just call him a young man took my spot as a main oars man.  He had never white water rafted before.  And he did an amazing job!!!!

Hey C-Boy so you just graduated early from high school after years of people doubting whether you could even do it or not, what are you going to do now?  
                                                   Answer: Whatever he sets his mind to. 
Good luck at the Academy Son!
Love Mom

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