Tuesday, December 6, 2011

oh boy on a tuesday

This was not the day I thought I was having.  I thought I was spending the morning alone writing and the afternoon alone hiking all while keeping an ear out for a possible distress call from a friend if she needed me. 

Enter the Boy making a house call on the hot tub.
He gave me his sweatshirt (literally the shirt off his back) & in trade he got lunch & cookies.  Funny even without the sweatshirt he and I were sort-of dressed alike today. This tends to happens to me with my guy friends, more often than I care to admit. lol.
                      At the hot tub with Colby things got a bit more complicated. 
                                                           The guys looked serious.  
                                                          So I got worried.    And bored. 
            But it is too bright & sunny in the green house to be sad for too long. 
           And too warm for a sweatshirt! No wonder he gave it up to me so easily!

 In the end you may not get what you want but you get what you need- what we need are some working parts!

                                                    So busted loving another man's dog!
         If I hurry I can make the canyon by 3:00- now where did I put that sweatshirt?

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