Friday, December 23, 2011

heart and stomach

Late last night hiking without happy meals had some welcome holiday visitors.  Visitors loaded with gifts for us!!!!
Okay, actually we were just a side effect of the gift they were giving themselves.  See the folks over at Joyful Liberation got liberated from gluten and we got all they had in the house- even stuff that just lingered with gluten. 
I know I joke around a lot but I really want them to know how excited I am for them.  In the last half of a year I have seen other friends pick their roads through the food maze and each time I get really happy like when Crabby Mamma followed her heart away from eating meat and a Blogger Friend at loving to learn who embraced a vegan life for her and her family.  It brings me joy to see my friends embark on adventures of their own best living.

So, this is just US wishing THEM, (all of THEM's & YOU) good health & happy tummies.  May the head of your heart & the soul of your stomach always agree.  
And thank you for the groceries!

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