Sunday, December 11, 2011

welcome aboard winter holiday

Making simple simple was the best thing we could have done.  It feels like we know a secret which erases all the dingy parts of this wonderful season of charity and love. So let me officially welcome you to Winter Holiday, where Christmas takes the back seat to life already in progress. 
A few gifts have been exchanged including this one:
I heard Beach ask a friend, "Do you have any Super Powers?" 
"No," Her friend gasped, "do you?"
"I do and you do too.  Love is the most powerful Super Power of all."

Well, what have we been up to if not shopping?!

             Shredding the slope Free After Three at Alta Ski Resort
Wow, look at that stressed out mom!!!

A nice dinner out with an Uncle who lives too far away.
                          Spending time with ninja friends.
                       Hey?! Are you eating popcorn in my bed?
                                                               Building snowmen.
                                                                   Hiking mountains.
                                                                 Playing in hot water.
                                                       Making art with friends.
                                                          Everybody loving Dad.
                                           Family projects, oh I don't know like the hot tub (!)
                                          Date night with ninja and Fire Dad to the Lady Utes.
Playing in the snow.
Of course it's not all fun and games some of us around here have to work for a living.
Today the Christmas decorations come out, the coco & the silly smiles are sure to follow. 
Damn, it should be this kind of holiday everyday!

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