Friday, February 18, 2011

hiking without happy meals

"Hiking without Happy Meals; a modern paradigm chronicling the struggles, pitfalls, & successes of life, running, urban farming, & home schooling in these crazy modern days.  Life is our classroom, let the craziness begin."
The life style we have chosen to pursue is a clash of cultures on just about every level & every turn, luckily for us instead of a hostile war of the roses it is a true love story or maybe better said a romantic comedy.  Welcome to our lives!
We are a Blended Family & on occasion a Freudian slip will make that more accurately a Blender Family.  Between my partner B. Colby, a green builder with an international up-brining and me, a scientist, a writer, & a very unlikely S@HM we have 4 kids, their ages ranging from 21-7.
Colby is a visionary and a dreamer, the architect of our life. I am his ‘faithless’ sidekick with a bad case of goat envy.  He is logical, I am always puzzled, he is methodical & mathematical, & I am unpredictable.  But just when that seems to make sense he will take the lead in inappropriateness leaving me in amazement. Together we abandoned our lives in the hip Sugar House district of SLC 4 years ago to move west of the city, down 1700 South to the wrong side of town, across the tracks to a small urban farm (1 acre) near the Jordan River.  It is paradise found, at least for me.  Mostly we farm humor and mishaps but among our sell-able products are fresh brown & blue eggs, lettuces, tomatoes, and sock monkeys (m.o.b dolls).
SLC Peoples Market

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