Saturday, September 3, 2011

treasures found

I suppose the Hello Kitty shoes (in her shoes)were a gateway form of pink leading up to these- WOW!

 We found these shoes along with a $1.49 bag of miscellaneous odds & ends Beach couldn't live without at a local thrift store. We took our little bag of curiosities to my room for an afternoon audio book Zombiekins, pretty clever book. We needed the down time.
The little compact mirrors really got her attention.  It must be that eye thing :)


Rest & relaxation.

What can I say?
Oh-yeah, I love my job.

Mercy Update: Dr. Peterson JUST called to let us know he feels Mercy has turned the corner!!!!!!!! The plan now is to give her one more full day of IV fluids & rest.  All goes well we can pick her up first thing Monday morning!! Thanks for all the support & well wishes on her behalf. 


  1. OMG! I love those shoes and I love Beach!

  2. I'm with Crystal - - those shoes are awesome!!! And so glad to hear about Mercy!!!