Tuesday, September 13, 2011

limestone, more little science

Limestone experiments with chalk & shells! 

We ran two different experiments.  Both from Simple Earth Science Experiments with Everyday Materials and used Rocks & Minerals Gr 2-6 (EDUPRESS), and 2 Eyewitness books as more in depth resourses. I really enjoy Simple Earth Science Experiments with Everyday Materials not only for the everyday materials part but for the short to the point lesson/explinations which accompany the projects.  
The first experiment was very simple add chalk to 1/2 cup vinegar & watch the carbonate (aka chalk) dissolve in the acid (aka vinegar).

The second experiment we took old Lake Bonneville shells Boo & the Wild One found while running the game trail with Fire Dad. We put 2 in a jar of water & 2 in a jar of vinegar. The directions say to wait 4-5 days but we have a theory about what will happen...

And while the rest of us were having fun Mercy found science very boring.

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