Wednesday, September 28, 2011

other fish to see

Okay with the creation of the Low Tea Book Club, the wonderful addition of what I'm calling The Protection of Childhood Swap Day 1 x a week (I will try to explain that later), the renovation of the 2x a week Home School swap w/ Joyful Liberation, Gymnastics 3-4x a week, patch time, contacts, school work, & Alta calling we have decided to let swim team go.

I knew when we signed up & I paid for 3 months that it would take us right to the door step of ski season.  I figured we would probably take a break to ski for the winter, no big surprise that is what we are going to do but there are more and other reasons too. 

I haven't loved having an activity every night and as it turns out neither did Beach.  Actually when I re-read that line, to be honest, at first I did.  It was nice to have something but we have added other somethings since. Other somethings (previously listed) I don't want us to do without, other somethings that occur during the day while her Dad is gone to work.
I miss seeing him come home to us.
I miss seeing her follow him around telling him about her day.
I miss watching them in the garden or the field together. 
I miss chewing my food- really some nights dinner is so late we are all gulping it down to avoid passing out!!!! (okay maybe again that is just me)
So good bye Swim Team. 
We will enjoy every second through the end of the October. From what I know of her coach she will probably let us get the workouts from the Life Guards letting Beach swim them during the day- I know it's not the same as TEAM but too much of a good thing is still too much. 

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