Thursday, September 8, 2011

keeping up with the polygamists

It is 8:30 a.m. I have made 2 breakfasts and still haven’t eaten.  I have done 2 loads of laundry which are now crowded on the drying rack blowing in the wind.  Helped a very suborn child finish a puzzle.  Get seven tiny elastics out of her hair.  Feed 2 dogs, three cats, and ignored the fish.  Watered and weeded the garden.  Paid bills, published a home school blog, watched five round-off-back-hand-springs, & cleaned the kitchen twice.
Ugh.  As I’m washing the one lone carrot from the garden (we don't talk about the carrots) I think about the row of polygamists families down the street.  Having multiple wives would cause jealous- yeah, mine I think I’ll jealous of them! lol.
Now I’m going to out us on a dirty little secret.  Not polygamy but Freegan-ism.

Hang with me this might make some sense in a second.  So this one night Colby went to the Shall Not Be Named Bakery to dumpster dive for chicken bread while we hosted the one last sleep over of summer.  Enter my neighbor friend and her daughter for a little survived the first week of school drinking (the moms not the kids).  Colby returns with chicken bread and a huge pile of unbaked bread dough. 
“I’m going to bake it.” He announces explaining how in the bread bin (aka dumpster) the dough was completely clean & isolated, how he removed the outer layers anyway, and brought home the dough.
“Okay.” Shrug, gulp, gulp, gulp….sure why not?
About an hour later we were all in the kitchen smelling the bread, looking at the bread, and then eating the bread. 
“Good freegan bread!”

Well back to this morning.  I took the last of the freegan bread (3 large loafs!) that didn’t get eaten during the last week or in last night’s bread lasagna (yum) and cut it into cubes.  Seasoned it with cinnamon & sugar, placed them in the oven on low.  I picked some ripe peaches.  When the bread is done I will make peach bread pudding for tonight.  And I am standing in the kitchen baking barefoot, in a skirt, no make up, long hair in a bun, kid waiting to be home schooled, a chicken wandering in, thinking what is wrong with this picture?
 Yep, you guessed it. We need a goat.  The polygamists have one.  As a matter of fact I happen to know they have more than one.          

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