Monday, September 26, 2011

bag of tricks

For my next trick I will pull a rabbit out of a wait something more complicated than magic I will pull off Date Night!

Don't worried this isn't about romance it is a competition.  The rules: free or very cheap, easy, & short (under 3 hours).  Extra points given for originality!

It is harder than it seems.  What hasn't gone wrong already: Well for starters the In-Laws didn't go to the GYM to pick up Beach on a night she doesn't have GYM because her mom went crazy and thought she had GYM and told them to pick her up there. Luckily her mom figured it out and called them back and said never mind the 15 minute explanation of where and how to get her from GYM. I will bring her to you.  For seconds, thank Darwin, the event picked from the No More Bored Kids Calendar isn't actually for kids. Dodged a potential embarrassing moment on the floor of the sandy library fighting for graham crackers and the blue teddy bear.

What will go wrong? We are for sure going to be late...

 But Steve Law is a genius,  Journalist turned River Guide we may quit our day jobs to follow him around! He is doing a full show in Midway in about 2 weeks it would be worth getting a sitter and going.  Colby was laughing so hard he was crying!

I set the cheap date night bar high. Good luck topping this.

Technically this was the second Date Night, the first was the Primary Poll watching party for Kyle! I am on a roll!!! I am up 2 to nothing. 

And of course the post game show: Mankala at Grandma & Grandpa's with dad. Thanks for watching her.
                                              Get used to losing buddy I got this in the bag!!!

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