Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I have been pondering...a theme bouncing around in my head about authenticity- related to Blogging actually. 

Why am I blogging? I had a very clear reason for that when I started. I love to write on my own terms, I wanted to promote a lifestyle I truly believe in, and as a closet scrapbook-er (Hello!) to scrapbook the cool way!

I didn't anticipate how much Blogging helps pull me along my own path, that it would help unite me with like minds, explore differences, & expand all the edges of my tiny world. I find ideas that are beautiful I would not have found in my own head.  I found old ideas I have used reborn.  The collaboration is amazing the possibilities endless.  I like blogging & I like reading Blogs....something I had never done before I started blogging myself.   

But as I see other styles of life and living I'm not tempted to slip inside them for anything longer than reading a post or seeing a great craft idea move from the blogosphere to my art table.  I am always me.  I can be a better me but only as long as I'm not trying to be a Not Me.

The other important point is I am not here to sale you something. Don't worry I am not weighing in on a debate about advertise or not I have nothing against it or for it, even considered it but it is not for me, each their own.  All I am saying is this is real stuff, a real life, with real chickens running through it, and behind it all is just me being honest with what is in my mind & my heart. 

I might say things or view things left of your center and you of mine but isn't that what it is all about? 

We live this life some of it is flattering & some of it is not & some of it is not for public consumption.  If something isn't for sharing it isn't for sharing. 

Authenticity is sort like 'if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all'.  If you can't be authentic... please, don't be.  I know I have the ability to whitewash anything for any reason or for none at all and the day I choose to do that will the last day I Blog.


PS If you like my blog, you read it, and you aren't already a follower please join. I would love to know you are here with us.

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  1. Yeah, I so like coming here, Misty, and so like hearing your voice, and seeing how you live and live truly. I always like stopping by. I always like to see how Beach is, and your other loves. I am really glad you're here.