Thursday, September 8, 2011

welcome back to school- what do you mean we never left?

  So it is that time of year when the Schoolers are back in school & the whole world seems to buzz with educational resolutions. A long time ago I abandoned writing a detailed curriculum or lengthy check lists in their place we set Goals. First thing I reviewed our summer to do wish list & we did well.  There are a few items pending like the State Fair, a couple of short hikes, & the one regret of the whole bunch a Bear Lake Raspberry shake.  We’ll see about correcting that oversight!

I think our goals this year are much like last years.  But when I sat down and wrote them intending to share they are very boring so what I will share instead is what I expect fall & winter to look like:

Reading novels in beds, under beds, on the sofa, in a snow fort, held up out of the water of a bubble bath.  Art all over the place.  Board games all over the place. Sewing, cooking, piano, science.  Snowy hikes. Snowy walks.  Hot springs.  Noses smashed against glass museum cases. The zoo in the snow.  Gymnastics.  Wheeler Farm in the rain.  Sledding, skiing, ice skating.  Math, money, & unit pricing. Leaf hikes.  Oatmeal. Hot chocolate & ski pants.  Mad Libs. Swim Team. 10 AM dollar movies.  Library hopping.  Abandoned play yards.  Dogs & cats. Long creative writing projects with illustrations.  Postage & letters.  Bookstores. Eye witness DVD’s, Nova, Nature, & PBS kids. Ranger Rick, Spider, & National Geo. Snowmen, chickens, terrariums, Children’s Theater, Legos, and Pokemon. Science experiments. Hot homemade bread.  Frozen mornings. Long lazy hot lunches at the table.    

Oh-yeah, this is what home schooling is about.    

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