Thursday, September 15, 2011

yesterday's out takes

 Yesterday was straight up insane.  The good kind of insanity though. 

We left for the Fair about 10am opening time.  Meant to stay until about lunch needing to return home to care for the chickens & puppy & to grab something to eat. 
But right as we were making our way out we found one of Beach's fellow gym rats and her family and at the same time happened on an old acquaintance & fellow home schooler in the neighbor (that is a rarity & yet the second I have found in a week!) So we stayed longer...
Beach reminded me that her fortune cookie told her a new friendship would come into her life. lol.

We got home played with the dogs, collected eggs, eat, rested, & returned to the Fair Park.  See Beach's swim team is held at the recreation center adjacent to the Fair Park.  So we did an hour of swim & headed to the Fair for some more rides.

What I didn't realize until we got to the rides was that all afternoon the Carney's had been making Beach line up to the 48 inch mark & in the big pink boots she was 48 but in Hello Kitty she was more like 47...tough luck for short pants if she got in the wrong Carney's line.  But the boys at the Zipper said, "Didn't she already go on this a dozen times?" YEP.  "Hum," one of them sighed, "She was taller earlier." And he opened the gate letting her on. 

 And despite how frightening the Emu & the Tilt-A-Whirl appeared on film Boo was a crazy dare devil all day!!!

...a short dare devil.

 ...who drives tractor like a grandma.

Oh look they have the same dental plan

Yep. This is the place. The crazy-crazy place. I wouldn't have had it any other way yesterday.  Today we are staying home, reading, coloring, watching PBS, making cookies, and watching the clouds go by until it is time to hit the gym this afternoon. I think it is about time to put on a second pot of coffee. 


  1. Your fair looks like lots of fun:) hight restrictions can be a pest at times, but glad your daughter got on the ones she liked in the morning:)

  2. For years I have looked for shoes that would make my boys tall enough to get on rides. There seem to be no manly options for short kids.