Thursday, September 22, 2011

island life

Joining Joyful Liberation on an Adventure Thursday we went a wandering on Antelope Island.  We combined Mom Powers we usually divide.  How nice to be among friends in the fields and on the shore.  Under the birds soaring over head in the last 'official' sky of summer. 

I really like to stay home. 
I like trying to sit still. 
I like listening to the noises the house makes. 
But you can't enjoy coming home if you never leave.

And since we were out and on the calendar summer is ending why not add a little chill in the air with this: The Tale of John Baptiste  *The story in this link contains references to other grave robbers whose stories contain Necrophilia, the Batiste story is much tamer.  You may wish to pre read the content before sharing.

"The Great Salt Lake covers more than 2300 square miles in the northern region of Utah and is one of the world's saltiest bodies of water. It is also a very shallow lake for its size, plunging to depths of only 27 feet in its deepest parts. While these may be the facts behind the lake... there is also a legend. It is a story of a Salt Lake City gravedigger who was exiled to an island on the lake for his ghoulish crimes. He disappeared on that island without a trace. Although many claim that his ghost still walks today..."
History and Hauntings of American, Haunted Utah

Other readings
Utah Ghost Hunters:
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Lost Landscapes: Utah Ghosts, Mysterious Creatures, and Aliens by Linda Dunning

And another great mystery...we had more kids than this with us. I suppose you just might have to find proof of them on over at Joyful Liberation :) Thanks for letting us tag along!

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