Thursday, September 22, 2011


At seventeen there could be a lot to complain about.  What I see in my son leaves nothing but happiness in my heart.  Oh he's a shit who likes to learn things the hard way...but he is also the sweetest kid I know. 
Beach asked me who my favorite child was and I told her with a wink, "Conner." 
She said, "Yeah, I like him too." 

 He can be on Face Book swearing up a storm with his friends and I pop on (no mom don't do that!) "I love you" or "Remember your grandparents have a fb account." What I get back is "I love you too mom."

 And yes that is a real tattoo.  It is there covering a 'home made' tattoo (oops) because he is joining the Navy when he graduates.  He asked me if the Blog was just about Beach, which means the kid reads his mom's blog. And it means what I have always known about him not only will he let his mom tell him she loves him in front of his friends he will let me say it in front of the whole world.     

Hey Conner, through the black and back!
Love Mom

And of course everyone knows moms don't really have favorites.

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  1. I can't believe how big Connor has gotten (let alone Alex)! What great kids you have!