Friday, September 30, 2011

what to do about history haters

I have always loved history.  Beach and history, not such a great match. 
The solution is here inside the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum.  Four floors of history on display in long packed glass cases.  Photography is not allowed inside the museum because of the damaging effects on the fabrics on display.  No big loss, you would want to see it for yourself if you haven't before.
Admission is a donation request which the generous woman volunteering at the front table waved us off from telling us to just enjoy ourselves.  And we did!!!

I learned a long time ago Beach may not care for the people and events of the past but she sure finds their STUFF interesting.  I let the objects do the teaching.  Beach points to a dentist tool, a coin, an article of clothing and we make it make sense.  A little story as to why, how, or who, a question or two directed to Beach regarding the materials or methods used in its creation, and a little more contextualization for mom.  Most of all she likes the rocks, the Native American artifacts, & the Restored Horse Draw Steam Pump Fire Engine.
 We left with some more information regarding pioneer life, these 2 chocolate bees, a pioneer doll pattern, and wooden pick up sticks. 

The doll collection was note worthy, you will see it turn up again in a Spooky Story in the works about being locked in the museum over night.

See, history isn't so bad after all....

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