Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a flock of passing thugs

There is always that one kid in class who can't keep his/her hands to themselves.

Meet Thief, formerly known as Thanksgiving. 

You better move your plate.


Too late! She got the ham & When-the-Hell-Ever has joined her.
Oh-no, she is back for more...
Don't worry they might have taken some of Beach's second breakfast but she informed them by the end of the week she was going to get it back because she was going to eat them!

Telling them who was going to 'get it' first. They were unimpressed.


But Boo was not the only one with turkey trouble this morning.
Herk does not like Mercy & she's watching her. Every time Mercy wanders away from me Herk returns her letting me know that not all the animals on the farm are happy that the puppy is back.   

Back to the outdoor classroom.

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