Friday, September 23, 2011

the mud is calling

You may not be aware of this, but you’ve angered the Mud Gods.  They’ve been watching you for weeks.  Emerging from the shower every morning reeking of Irish Spring.  Delicately cleaning the dirt from underneath your perfectly manicured fingernails.  Flossing daily.  Flossing!?!
On September 24th, they’ll have their revenge and will serve it up piping hot, super sloppy, and disgustingly dirty to you and more than 4,000 others who have rubbed your cleanliness in their faces for too long!  The Dirty Dash Utah is coming to you in full-frontal filthiness and is pleased to be brought to you this year by Maverik , Adventure’s First Stop.  They’ll be the exclusive food vendor for the event so save some stomach space for a Bahama Mama, burgers, frozen yogurt and other Maverik deliciousness.
If you thought you’d signed up for this filth-fest for a self-interested good time, you’d be wrong.  You’re helping people.  The Dirty Dash benefits The Road Home and other local charities, so soil yourself by patting yourself on the back with that big muddy paw of yours...

So wish me, I mean us luck tomorrow.  I will be running team-less since last year I proved the worst team player ever! But sticking it out with me in the mud somewhere will be my best 'girlfriend' the six-foot-something Railroader BJ (seen in last years photo's).  A special thanks to his lovely wife for letting me get dirty with her husband.  Here we go again....
*some pic's obviously courtesy of flo-photo

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