Thursday, September 1, 2011

mixed bag

Okay August is over & it wasn't all bad. A bit overwhelming but there were some pretty great moments mixed in with the hard.  We lost 2 friends but we also made new ones.  We struggled with some vision issues but we are coming out ahead!  I might have lost my way at some point but found a better one. 
Some of what was good... 
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And oh-yeah I think my column is out. 

Open Gym & Team BBQ Meeting at GTC



Bee House making

Get well cards to GG Bent in New Hampshire

A birthday kayak for Fisher's 12th

Fun on the Weber River

Swim Team


Home School :)


And the addition of Mercy-Me

Update on Mercy:
She is hanging in there at Town & Country Vet with Dr. Peterson who now is saying she just might pull through. (Oh the Vet bill to follow!!!) She isn't out of the woods yet but considering what he had said to me when I handed her over to him this is looking good. Heading over there to see my dog to let her know she isn't alone.

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