Saturday, August 13, 2011

in her shoes

Beach is notorious for not wearing shoes.  She has exceptionally wide feet most shoes even those designed for wide feet still pinch her toes.  I have bought her shoes which she tried on & liked & they sit unused accused of hurting her feet.  So what is a mom to do when a shoe-waster, a girl who a few years back told a clerk at the shoe store her requirement for shoes were they not be ‘all princess-butt’ (meaning no pink) & she needed them for ‘jumping & fighting & kicking ass’, picks out these Sliver sequin Hello Kitty flats with pink hearts?!?!
Well she jumps at the chance to help her kid try on other sides of life.  See, I remember being suck in the role of a Tomboy (oh wait still am) I remember wanting but not daring to try root beer flavored lip gloss, & a little skirt with eyelet lace, & maybe even brushing my hair.  So I bought the shoes, threatened her within an inch of her life that she must wear them or go all winter wearing buckets on her feet because this was the last pair.
You should have seen it her & a little buddy scootering home from the pool last night; both in swimsuits, her friend in ruby red slippers & Beach in sequin Hello Kitty. 
Well, she is wearing them but she is also shit talking them to her friends who are shocked to see them.
But I know she loves them.   

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