Friday, September 2, 2011

in black & white

So this came out today *tiny smirk*
An animal rescue group KARMA offered us a helping hand with Mercy's vet bills *small grin*
A friend sent me a private message offering us even more help with Mercy's care *huge smile*
I said Kilo made me feel not alone.  I was afraid without him I would always be forgotten, odd man out, alone in a crowd.  What I am realizing is I have too many amazing people in my life for that to happen. 

Last year I wrote this on Face Book it is even more true today:
A thank you note. To the newest, & the oldest, to the one I can’t reach any more, to the funniest, & the quiet ones, to the ones that moved away but not on, to those who gently push, to the one who would not walk away even if I shouted, & to the one who actually sees me as I am; Thank you for being.

Thank you! mlb

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  1. Fantastic article! You are so talented! I'm so proud to know you! <3