Friday, September 9, 2011

little trees

materials list:
wooden sticks (any size or type)
hot glue gun & glue
peeled crayons
old cheese grater
news paper or drop cloth

Make your tree forms & attach with hot glue.

Move to a sunny location. Shred crayons, sprinkling crayon shavings over tree forms.
Look out for lurking turkeys.

Leave in full sun until crayon 'crumbs' melt. Once melted you can either move indoors to let it cool in little swirls like we did or spread the colors around. Beach added pieces of crayons & flower petals to hers.

Hot glue to a back ground. We used a piece of wood but there are so many possible things to use!

*I have been trying to decide if I should have commented on Beach's black eye patch or let it go but when I was scrolling back through this post I decided something needed to be said. For those of your who 'know' us you know Beach is legally blind in her left eye. That new pirate patch is the patch she uses to cover her right eye to work the left one. It replaces the familiar sleeve patch that goes over her glasses.  
mlb 9/9/11 

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