Friday, September 9, 2011

digging out of summer

The last thing we needed in this little house was more stuff BUT stuff is coming anyway.  And it is beautiful stuff, interesting stuff, & fragile stuff. Stuff left over from another's life & you can't take stuff with you.  

These are my books.  A few summers ago a friend & I found them at a yard sale where a retired English Teacher was unloading a lifetime collection of novels for children and young adults.  $5 for something outrageous like 10 box loads of books.  There were enough duplicated to split them evenly three ways, a set for me, a set for her and set for the local title one school.
I am also lucky enough to have received the education materials, text , & books from Colby's mother an experienced Special Education Teacher for the America Schools for over 20 years

You can imagine the STUFF around this place. A farm & home school with 2 adults, 4 kids in & out, & a bundle of animals...
I think I shocked Colby when he opened this box & I peered over his shoulder at the intricate okay maybe a little over the top chandelier and said "I think we should keep it I like it." In the box was this photo:
I like it.
 This amazing cabinet came home too.  Colby requested it not be filled with children's books but perhaps our books and treasures.  Maybe three years into home schooling it is time to have a classroom.
This is Beach sorting items for keeping and those for tomorrows yard sale. 
This is her dream job.

 Invasion of the Big Kids. Don't worry they didn't want stuff they just wanted money.

I worked all morning moving stuff here and there and way over there.  Adding 2 large dressers & a desk to the yard sale. 
And wow.  We have a classroom. 

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