Wednesday, September 28, 2011

trick or treat time huh?

Isn't it though?  That time of year when you have to trick people into taking your abundance of garden produce...So I am home alone kicking back and get a knock at the door it is a 17 yr old kid from down the block, "My dad has somethings to drop off to you guys."
"Okay." ~Shrug 
"Do you have a laundry basket or something I can carry it in it is sort of a lot."
"Sure." ~Shrug
Are you kidding me????

I need to learn to ask more questions up front. Wasn't it just the other day I answered the door to a woman requesting directions to Spanish speaking neighbors so I showed her 4 houses.  THEN she tells me she is out encouraging bible reading.  Had I known that I might have omitted the 2 drug dealers houses from notice.

Anyway....I've been tricked! Maybe it is like being Boo-ed. I should draw a giant picture of a zucchini or a cucumber and hang it on my door.
Now who can I pawn this off on....? 

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  1. YUMMY! Wish we had people just dropping that off here, LOL!