Monday, September 26, 2011

an honest misty-ake

For my home school swap day I have been focusing on science.  Not feeling great I thought a nature walk on the J trail would do nicely but through a series of events I ended up choosing Memory Grove.
  I really think the look on their faces explain it rather well...
 "Hum Misty, is this water?" And something I have never heard out of Beach's mouth "I don't want to touch that?" Okay that was just the fountain but as far as parks go it is very stuffy and unnatural. It was FAKE.  And you don't have to agree with me or you are very welcome to think 'No shit Sherlock it is right in the city' or as pointed out by a friend 'it is a Memorial Park' but see I didn't know it was that kind of park War Memorials or not...
 But here is our Beautiful Capital peeking down on us
 The LDS Church Office Building looming
 The girls out on the ah, well, the a...lake? pond? okay the water catch so Down Town doesn't flood....
 Well let's go roaming along that FAKE river...
 and walk in that green grass.
 Well at least climbing a waterfall in flip-flops is dangerous!
And there was wild life!
 Now this better. This is up the Freedom Trail.
We did have fun in the fake park.  What I loved were the Urbanites reactions to the girls.  They all seemed genuinely pleased to see them, many greeted us with friendly comments on the young explorers activities.  Not one 'you should be in school' or 'get out of that water' look among them.

So what did we learn today?  That not all green spaces are created equal, not all good ideas pan out, & offering to buy them donuts makes the walk back to the car very very agreeable.

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