Monday, October 31, 2011

tricking is for the birds

When Girl Alex & C Boy were little the IN thing was Boo at the Zoo but by the time Beach happened on the scene it was an over crowded jumble of crying kids in costumes.  So we made the switch to the smaller simpler Aviary trick-or-treat day.  This go around Joyful Liberation joined us or we joined them, all I know is it was someones fault for sure!

I suppose the devil was in the details because nowhere does it say there will be Trick-or-Treating this year...

It's okay we had a good time over the whining about The Great Candy Famine of 2011.




Here is where Boo busted in on a Field Trip of one of the local private schools.  She stepped right up, listened to the Host, then raised her hand and asked what the Host called a very good question...what I want to know was where did she learn to raise her hand?
 This was the last treat of the event this sweet Little Ol Man asked us if he could tell us a Halloween story.  Creepy Sweet, but he has Beach's full attention!


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