Sunday, October 9, 2011

a birthday spoiler

This was meant to be a sneak peek at the party prep that will be going on over here for Beach's 8th BOOthday Party but instead it is a sneak peek into the mind of a slightly crazy mom.

There is that cute b-day girl hard at work painting cardboard heart for pin the heart on the skeleton.  Kids birthdays are big around here, tradition, usually themed, & did I say BIG?! I could have been a very good party planner- you will see.
But first-
No folks that is not a snap of last years candle...that is the one this kid's (who if you missed it is turning 8 not 7) mom bought last week.

Oh damn!!!!! Really?!?!!? How in the hell did I do that?!?!

Nearly 8 yr-old female gymnastic seeking new non-crazy mom.  Must know how to cook noodles the 'Ponyo way' & how to pick stuff out of yogurt, cookies, & muffins, that broccoli stems are the best part of broccoli, and that crust on toast is poisonous.   

                                     If you aren't laughing at yourself you are missing all the fun!

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