Friday, October 28, 2011

chronicles of a sick day

    A little Science polishing our insect knowledge, a little sneaky History in the form of The Little House in the Big Woods which we read when Boo was 4 but yesterday on the way to gymnastics she began talking about pioneers & the foods they had.  I reminded her about The Little House in the Big Woods but she didn't seem to recall it so I offered to read the Little House series this winter together and she loved the idea...who would have thought?!  Can I tell you how wonderful it is to read about getting ready for the long hard winter while Colby stokes the wood stove and serves his girls hot honey-lemon tea.

A word search this one is for the days
of the week, great find at the Red Balloon Toy Store for $4.50 complex words but large print. Makes me smile that Beach loves word searches!

 A pioneer craft cloth doll to accompany our story. We are already to Chapter 3.

 Fractions, sleeping dogs, and on to a small lesson is symmetry ( is this science of art?)



A quick few pages in Daily Math Review workbook, reading to mom some Dr. Seuss. Then on to mom's big warm bed for pomegranate & Harry.
 Oh, who is sick around here? I am. Send soup...

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