Wednesday, October 5, 2011

grass fires of blue

Beach can't sing.  Let me rephrase that, Beach should not sing near people or small pets.  Of course this doesn't stop her and she has no idea that she isn't good.  In fact she thinks she is amazing.  Which she is, just not at singing. 

Her song writing is great, her ability to pull lyrics from thin air crazy cool but please please don't sing them. Even the new jelly fish song- A Little Help From Jelly Fish, which I love!
The other morning when she began singing Colby actually left for work early. As he ran out the door with a full mug of coffee I yelled, "You know Dude, you don't pay me enough."  He yelled back, "There is ear protection on the dryer..." So not funny. 
But this train wreck must be handled.  What the kid does have are generations of musically gifted people on my side of the family not to leave out her two musically gifted older siblings.  What else she has is the ever so faint twangy sound of Blue Grass (considering our Branson Heritage not at all surprising) coupled with the draw towards that type of music & lyrics.  We popped on the Internet stopping at first to visit Danny Shea then on to the world of young girls singing Blue Grass all over you-tube.  After a lot of looking I have to ask: is one born blue or does home school grow blue grass?

I suppose I lit this grass fire: 
Help Wanted: Totally broke Home Schooling Mother looking for a deaf saint to teach tone deaf daughter to sing, play guitar, fiddle, & harmonica for free.

Please send in the Jelly Fish-

A little help from jelly fish and my life will be so perfect
As my life turns round and round every single day is beautiful sunshine,
beautiful sunshine,

With a little help from jelly fish my life could really get going
No, a little help from jelly fish won’t hurt a bit...

e.b. ries

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  1. Wish I was that person for you!

    There are a lot of Apps for Apple/ipad/ipod-like devices that do ear training, sight reading. Perhaps that's a way to start -- have her play some ear training games. She's not likely really tone deaf -- she's just not developed the singing and the mental representation of what each note should sound like -- so her singing is off because she doesn't really know what the target is she's trying to hit. Ear training will help that and there are Apps/games she can play to develop that. I am still not a great signer, but having sat through lots of "Music Together" classes with Ellen and now working with her on piano, I know one can really significantly improve one's singing by doing this!

    But Ellen still refuses to consider a career on the road with me... :-(