Saturday, October 1, 2011

3,2,1,1/2, contact...

On Monday Beach said her eye was hurting.  We struggled for a few days with contact issues.  On about day 4 following gymnastics she was in so much pain I pulled over on the way home so she could take the contact out.  By this point she was sobbing saying it hurt and she just couldn't get it.  Finally when she did manage to pull it out between her little fingers was only half of a contact- HALF!!! They aren't supposed to be in halves....We weren't sure if the other part was out or not but it couldn't possibly still be in?!?!  A little shaken we stumbled through a day in glasses as Beach complained about her eye feeling scratched.  Sent her Friday to gym practice noting with Coach B the eye issue hence the glasses.  Coach shrugged. I shrugged. Beach seemed to not careless....BUT ~oh worry!~  

Which brings us to Saturday morning Level 4 meet II, and poor Beach her eye still hurting- possibly scratched.  I coaxed her into wearing a contact any way just the left.  We have mostly abandoned trying to get the right in- that stubborn good eye!  Left one goes in. And it comes right back out.  I try again, and again, and again, and success! But we take her glasses just in case. ~very unsettled mom feeling~ 
In the stands I tell Fire Dad the eye troubles.  He does his best to scare me telling me I need to take her to her eye Dr. that if she gets an infection (assumption is it is a scratch) under her contact we could be in real trouble.~oh worry again~  

During the meet with tough scoring for everyone something seemed off but it wasn't until Boo's crunchy back-hand-spring on floor (Coach W nearly died- Beach never messes up her bhs) that I thought 'okay. off day. tough meet. can't win them all.  live & learn.' ~breathe~ 

Fourth in vault.  Silver on Beam.  Gold on Bars. Gold on Floor. Gold in the All Around. Team took First Place. Way to go GTC!!!  ~smile~

In the parking lot trying to snap pic's with the Grandparents (Thank for coming guys!) Beach was in so much pain she couldn't even open that eye.  I instructed her to pull the contact right there and then.  She tried twice wincing, not willing to cry infront of other people.  The third time she pulled 1 and 1/2 contacts and a string of puss out of her little eye.  ~damn~ 
Okay then all things considered the meet was great, the eye is maybe okay, but her mom is more than a little freaked out.... 

That is one tough little monkey you got there lady!

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