Monday, October 17, 2011

back on the body

Okay here is an unexpected topic from the tomboy: Diet.  Well not really that kind of diet, the other kind, the kind a zoo keeper plots for optimal heath of an animal, appropriately for a caged animal which is what I am when I’m not running.  So with a few dirty looks from my Doctor & a couple sad eyes from friends I’m slowly getting back to the idea of taking care of me.  But getting back into better health means Diet. 

There are a thousand and one theories of how & what to eat luckily for me I already know which one works best for me: Body for Life.  Unluckily for me it is sheer torture to follow.  Not the food restrictions or inclusions, the food rocks & it only requires you follow it 80% of the time to reap the rewards!  Not the hungry feeling because there is no hungry feeling you are eating 24/7 I swear.  And not the expense, if anything the food bill drops.  What sucks is how much time & energies goes into thinking and preparing food, food, food, all the time everywhere food….food, food...
~ugh~ If you don’t know about Body for Life the issue is that you eat lots of small meals through out the day, meals that are perfectly paired from a huge wonderful list.  I wouldn’t try to sale it to you (see not even including a link), for me even a half a day on BFL can improve how I feel.  It is like a miracle in a bottle exploded all over the kitchen...BUT the work, oh god, I never spend this much time on myself. You know what it reminds me of? Nursing a baby… I stand in the kitchen with a notebook taking inventory and plan out my arsenal of food like a General. 
Maybe I am waging a war.  After all there is something I want to conquer and to do that I need to get back on my own two feet. I want that half marathon!

So wish me luck on getting back on the plan, wish me staying power, & in all seriousness cross your fingers that this time I don’t just get so sick of food that I stop eating- yes that has happened to me before- being hypoglycemic it is a quick way down! 

And down is the wrong direction...   

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