Saturday, October 22, 2011

sort of the shining

The Boy has a friend, so to us he is a friend of a friend, who is the Care Taker to a house high and I mean high up a ski mountain in an exclusive community outside Park City inside the Canyons Ski Resort boundaries. 

The Boy making dinner for 12

Taking a pair of ninjas, one tween boy, & our swimsuits we drove up the long twisty series of roads between here and there.  Along the way the ninjas were full of misinformation about where we were headed with a hilarious case of the "I thought you saids".  

What is a parent to do when all the kids are confused and getting a little bit creeped out about the mansion on the hill? Scare them! With stories about haunted bathrooms and of all things haunted raccoons- which REALLY scared Beach. LOL. 

The house was amazing.  It is hard to see in these pic's but somewhere there are about 5 other children, a billiard room, a few master suites, a theater, roman style bathrooms, and of course an elevator.   

The snow gets so high in the winter it can cover the first floor windows snowing in the Care Taker for days.  I guess when your drive in consists of passing underneath a couple ski lifts you might expect something like that to happen. 
That is why you have one of these- A hot tub! 
 Ninjas are really scary in the dark...
Lucky for me Colby & the Boy ran them off.
Now I know three things Beach is afraid of ants, trespassing, and haunted raccoons....Thanks for the wonderful night Boy!   
& please don't tell their coaches what time we got home!

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