Sunday, October 30, 2011

strange new ideas about sundays

I'm sick & the cool autumn weather is matching me perfectly, roaring fire in the wood stove, blankets & socks, a fridge packed with home made Chicken Chili Verde & Tomato Soup, cozy cozy cozy!  (Actually, as I was writing this Colby came in to change into shorts.... whatever I'm cold!)

Donuts? What a great idea to go with pumpkin carving.

But while we were waiting for the dough to rise we picked up The Little House in the Big Woods to read.  Now back in chapter 2 there was the list of the days of the week with the corresponding chores list and while Beach listening to the details of the Long Rifle's daily maintenance she had a question: "What do THEY do again on Sundays?" 
Oh that.  "Well they rest." 
"But they bake like us?" 
"No, they rest." 
"But they hunt?"
"Nope no hunting."

Time to explain Protestant Sundays in America to a kid being raised by an Atheist Quaker and a die hard Agnostic. SO I explained a little...I was fair and honest and lead us straight to Salem.  (I love how homeschooling topics pop out of thin air right when you need them: Salem witch trials on the day before Halloween?!)
"But mom I thought the whole reason the Pilgrims came was religious freedom?" 
"Funny how that works isn't it?" And I don't care what she says she is so hooked on history. 
Happy Halloween!

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